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About MASS Ayurvedic

MASS Ayurvedic is a unique concept in the Ayurveda healthcare ecosystem. We are an impact organization striving to make Ayurveda the first call of treatment for people. Our technology-driven platform provides access to authentic Ayurveda doctors on a global scale. As the world is quickly moving from reactive to proactive healthcare, the demand for holistic healing methods such as Ayurveda is at an all-time high. Our Community-first approach leverages the wide network of practitioners to promote health and wellness in the society.

As a true ecosystem builder of Ayurveda, we have encapsulated in our vision the many facets of promoting Ayurveda. We are striving to create a thorough digital connect between the Ayurveda doctors and the patients. We are also collaborating with various experts, seasoned practitioners, and organizations to conduct CMEs and discussion sessions. We have our own ‘MASS Ayurvedic for Ayurveda Doctors’ App which aims to build an interactive, knowledge-oriented, and robust information sharing platform for the practitioners, academicians, and students.

With technology-based intervention, we curate and empower doctors by working closely with Ministry of AYUSH, regulators,

and research organisations. We encourage doctors to create and publish case studies and research reports so as to bring in evidence-based treatment similar to modern medicine. Community building is encouraged for active engagement amongst doctors. Focus is to implement best practices and deliver quality Ayurveda healthcare.

It is our vision to reach billions of people through our unparalleled commitment of bringing the correct adoption of pure Ayurveda in management and prevention of ailments through technology-led innovation and crucial partnerships.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a 3,000 years old medicine system. Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita are the reference texts. Sushruta was the ancient physician of the Indian Medical System. Ayurveda focuses on holistic wellness along with the prevention and management of diseases in the most natural manner.

Ayurveda takes into account the mind , body and spirit and works accordingly to eliminate the root cause of a disease.

Ayurveda as the most ancient health science in the world is highly effective in curing illnesses and its preventive approach helps you fight even the most complex of diseases. Based on the four great

pillars of a ‘nirogi’ lifestyle, Ayurveda is all about ‘Aahar’ (food), ‘Vihar’ (lifestyle), ‘Vichar’ (thoughts) and ‘Vyavhar’ (actions). Whenever any or all of these elements stop working in harmony, a body faces disease. Ayurveda, as an ancient and natural system of medicine, ensures that all these issues are corrected and you get a disease free body and mind. It provides topical as well as lasting relief for ailments and gives hundreds of ‘sutras’ that can be followed to ensure that you remain in your best health. The medicines used for treatment are completely herbal and plant-derived. There is no element of artificial chemicals and thus ayurvedic medicines are very safe for consumption, unlike in modern medicine which can have harmful effects on your body.

Ayurveda is being used as a primary mode of healthcare in many diseases. In case of surgical procedures and restorative medicine, Ayurveda and yoga are being recommend to patients for quicker and better recoveries.

Why Us?

The company is fully dedicated in making a superb and right product and service. We do the best efforts when it comes to the delivery and shipment of the goods. We take an extra effort for an excellent sales outcome for all.

Following are the reasons behind the accomplishment of our organization:

  • On time product delivery of each item that you buy
  • A high standard service in Ecommerce.
  • A round of the clock customer service to all customers
  • Supportive and well dedicated staff to help you in your product purchase and other concerns
  • A great product service in terms of the quality and quantity of the product.
  • Flexible payment modesrk
  • Ethical business strategies

Our Goal

Universal promotion of
better health

Through the dedicated efforts of our highly motivated team, we at MASS AYURVEDIC are engaged in the task of spreading awareness of the benefits of the Ayurvedic way of life. Our aim is to revive the memory of our true divine nature; to rekindle our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves.

Our Values

  • Absolute honesty
  • Fairness
  • Self-knowledge
  • Focus on contribution
  • Non dogmatic spirituality
  • Getting more done by doing less work smart
  • Calling forth the best of ourselves & others
  • Being open to change
  • Having a special sense of humor
  • Having a keen distant vision & up close focus
  • Having self discipline
  • Keeping balance

Vision and Mission Statement

  • Spread the health giving benefits of Ayurveda to mankind.
  • To develop standards and processes for human resource development to the emerging wellness industry. Write SOP manuals.
  • To bring awareness to the youth of India by providing dignity of labor, training in practical skills and improvements in communication.
  • Conduct seminars and conferences to exchange and integrate the Vedic and Ayurvedic concepts to other healing systems and corporate governance leading to standardized corporate wellness programs making it a mandatory legal compliance.
  • Start grass root level training institutions to train Ayurvedic Vaidyas, therapists and other skilled personnel for the wellness industry.
  • Develop traditional Ayurvedic Indian brand of Spa/Salon- therapeutic clinics of global standards both in India and overseas.
  • Use modern technology effectively to package and deliver Ayurveda worldwide
  • Develop new products based on Ayurvedic principles and conduct research and clinical trials.
  • Reduce the healthcare cost by promoting effective, affordable Ayurvedic way of lifestyle.
  • Adopt, practice, and promote all eco-friendly principles and technologies.
  • Preserve endangered species of medicinal plants and herbs.
  • Write manuals for SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the new generation of Ayurvedic wellness industry, which may eventually lead to franchising.
  • Integrate Yoga, Ayurvedic diet and meditation to the lifestyle of humankind.
  • Seek necessary accreditation from healthcare and educational institutions.
  • MASS AYURVEDIC is to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Quality Mantra

The key advantages proposed to our Strategic Partners Speed to market
Cost effectiveness – Indian backend with significant economies of scale
Strong and reliable Herbal & Aurvedic extract manufacture.
Work on development of products on a project basisDevelops and ensures harmonisation of all systems throughout the organization.
One point of contact for numerous magnificent and standardized our all Herbal & Ayurvedic Products.

Our Focus

MASS Ayurvedic make sure that many people will have a Healthy and Happy Life. The thought of it provides a lot of benefit those who want to include herbals in their diet or in curing sickness. We make it a point to make the best efforts to all our customers. The company takes care of the health and welfare of many. Biocare plans to introduce the loss weight program, a new health program, to further improve the health .


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